Clinics and String Camp

"An exciting new program that uses contemporary music to explore the possibilities of advanced musical training for young string players."

                     - Joseph Conyers, Asst. Principal Bass,

                              The Philadelphia Orchestra

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Virtual String Camp Application Form

The ESME clinic and ESME Virtual String Camp ("Band Camp") are exciting live performance and educational programs designed to engage young music students in their study and exploration of classical instruments while utilizing their exposure to modern music.  Using original ESME arrangements/mash-ups and focusing on fundamentals drawn from different sources including classical, pop and film music, the ESME clinics open students up to new possibilities for shaping and defining their tools for artistic growth.  Through concerts, workshops and seminars on building both interactive performance and community engagement programs, our mission is to empower students with a sense of relevancy and accessibility in their approach to classical music; to embrace their most creative faculties and learn to apply them throughout their journey as growing musicians.  To find out more about bringing the ESME clinic to your school, music program or organization contact us:
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